Saturday, May 29, 2010

Looking at streaks: Phils win after 5 game slide



  The word ‘win’ hasn’t been heard around town in Philly lately and fans of the Phils were starting to get worried about the recent losing streak that the Phillies endured for five games prior to getting a win last night against the Marlins 3-2.

   Over the course of a long season we will have some rough spots and this is just what the Phillies went through from Saturday to Thursday of last week. Five games that they lost, but the hardest part of the losing streak is how many times the Phillies got shut out during the streak. Four of the five losses saw the Phillies get shut out. The last ten games have seen the Phillies produce a 3-7 record.

   Which brings us to the ‘Best’ and ‘Worst’ Records for the Phils from the 2010 Media Guide with help from Baseball and

  Best Homestands Ever:

Dates                         W-L                                      Against

June 30 – July 7, 1977 8-0 PIT, NYM
Sept 24–28, 1929 7-0 BKYN, BOS
May 13-18, 1975 7-0 CIN, ATL

                  The Phils also went 7-0 two other times at home

   Worst Homestands Ever:

Sept 21-27, 1964 0-7 CIN, MIL
May 1-7, 1883 0-6 PRO, BOS
July 6-20, 1941 1-9-1 NYG, PIT, STL, CHI, CIN


     Of course the homestand streaks isn’t really a complete picture of streaks, to see that we have to go to the combination of road and home games.  Here’s a look at that:

   Longest Winning streaks in a row in a season by the Phillies:

16 games 1887, 1890, 1892 All games won on the road
13 games 1977, 1991 All games won on road
12 games 1895 All games at home
11 games 1955 (all home) and 1983    (all road)  


    You may look at the 1895 run of 12 straight by the Phils at home and wonder why it isn’t on the list of ‘best homestands’ by the Phillies. They did things much different back then, and the Phillies won those 12 games in a row in the middle of a 28 game homestand. Incidentally, that homestand in 1895 saw the Phillies go 23-5.


     Now for the longest losing streaks in a row in a season by the Phillies:

23 games 1961 This may never be broken
14 games 1883, 1927, 1936  
13 games 1919 (2), 1942, 1955 Twice in ‘19
12 games 1897, 1904, 1922, 1928 (2), 1944 Now you know how the Phillies were first to 10,000 losses!


     In the modern era of 1965 to present here are the current streaks:

        Winning Streaks

                                  Wins                 Season


1977, 1991






1984, 2009


      Losing Streaks 

                          Losses                 Season   


1985, 1989, 1997, 1999



1970, 1972


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