Monday, May 31, 2010

Holiday Bookshelf: Phillies official history book “An Extraordinary Tradition”


  I’ve been waiting for this book since I read about it being assembled this past winter. It sort of made the cold snowy winter warmer for me, knowing that in the Spring, a huge Phillies book would be ready that told all of the history about the team.
There’s been books here and there to tell about different segments of Phillies history, especially recently with the 2008 World Series Phillies win. The smaller books written about specific Phillies events over the years have been nice, but this new ‘official history’ book about the Phillies since 1883 takes you back to the very beginnings of it all.

    “An Extraordinary Tradition” is a coffee table sized book full of just about everything you would want to see about the long history of the team. This book probably could have been released in volumes with all the rich history that a team like the Phillies has, but this 250 page book has enough history and anecdotes in it to keep a Phillies fan busy for hours on end.

    There is small mementos inserted into the book at various points in this book. Reproductions of contracts, scouting reports, and tickets are some of the surprises you’ll find inside this ‘time capsule’ about the Phillies. There are countless pictures of old programs, old Phillies stadiums, and player profiles on some of the more famous Phillies players. There is also a section that recognizes some long time Phillies employees who work at the stadium.

    The book features an introduction by Mike Schmidt, foreward by Christopher Guest, and a dedication to Harry Kalas. It was an amazing project that had a lot of participants.

    If you’re a really huge Phillies fan, you won’t want to be without this book, it’s ‘Extraordinary”.


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  2. Any idea where I could pick it up on the internet? Not available on Amazon - wanted to send to my Dad for Fathers' Day

  3. Check your local Borders Books, you can call them.

    The book was in stock at Borders near my home, and I got 40 percent off with a 'Borders Club' discount!

    Check it out!