Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bring on the Sox, and the battle of the Beards


Damon beard WERTH



   The Red Sox used to have one of the more famous faces to ever wore a beard with Damon, but now that title best beard belongs to the Phillies, and Mr. Jason Werth. Johnny Damon no longer sports the long hairs, and he is no longer on the Red Sox he’s with the Detroit Tigers now, that didn’t stop this blog from bringing up a battle of the beards though. Kevin Youkilis,  Boston Red Sox first baseman, is a bearded one. Just looking at the way Youkilis stands in the batters box brings the willys to me. You shouldn’t have to get all comfy cozy like he does waiting for a pitch.  His beard is hideous also. Youk is a great baseball player though, and the Phillies need to keep him in check if they expect to win the series with Boston. Look for yourself, who has the better whiskers? I think you give this one to Werth, who looks authentic in his carefully combed whiskers.

   The Phillies will face the Red Sox for a weekend series, and the first installment of Inter-League Play. The Inter-League has been a thorn in the Phillies sides the past couple of years and this year we hope this changes for the better.

   The Sox come into town to face the Phillies this weekend, but they aren’t the team that a lot of people thought they would be as the season started. What is the problem in bean town? The Sox come into Philly bringing a 22-20 record into Citizens Bank Park and they are a distant fourth in the standings in the AL East.

  The Phillies got past two mini series with the Pirates, and the Cubs. Splitting both series with 1-1 records. It’s these games that bother me, these teams are not a match for the Phillies, but somehow the Phils can’t sweep them. Will the Phils start buckling down and start their wining ways again on Friday night? It’s really simple, get hits and keep scoring runs.

   It’s Cole Hamels on Friday for the Phils, Hamels last start on the road was a good one. He looked sharper than he ever did in that one and perhaps this start against the Sox will bring his game up a bit. Check out Cole’s own internet site here, and find out about his recent starts.

   The Sox have taken the three game series over the past two years in 2009, and 2008. Both times, they won the Interleague Series 2-1. See the stats for the Sox here.

   The Weekend series was supposed to have the marquee matchup of Halladay vs. Beckett on Sunday afternoon, but now Beckett is on the DL.  The Sox will throw knuckleballer, Tim Wakefield at the Phillies on Sunday instead.

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