Sunday, May 23, 2010

Boston roughs up Doc and Phillies defense

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   Pedroia – by request of my San Diego friend and
                                                Doc Halladay couldn’t contain the Sox today
The Phillies final game against the Boston Red Sox today was one that was ugly to watch for a Phillies fan. First was the weather, it looked as if it were going to begin raining at any moment and just prior to the start of the game, then just minutes before the game started it was sunny  All day long though like the weather that kept changing, it seemed nothing was going right for Doc Halladay and the Phillies both offensively and defensively. The Boston Red Sox started off slow but got to Halladay by the middle of the game.
Boston started off with getting an RBI by the guy that Phillies fans love to boo, JD Drew. I still think it makes Drew play better every time he has come into Philly, but what do I know. The fans will boo him till he leaves the game of baseball whenever he comes to Philly. JD Drew refused to play in Philadelphia when he was drafted many years ago now, but the fans still don’t forget it. The next Boston runs came from an error by third baseman Greg Dobbs for the Phillies when a ball hit by Adrian Beltre found it’s way into left field as it scooted under Dobbs’ reach.
I can’t blame Dobbs entirely, he’s been used so sparingly this year, it’s a wonder he still has any baseball skills. It was only his 6th start of the season and without more playing time, Dobbs will struggle to maintain his sharpness. In 2008 with the Phillies, Dobbs played in 128 games with 226 AB’s where he hit .301 on the year. You hardly see him play anymore for the team.

  I also saw one of the weirdest plays ever today as Adrian Beltre rounded third to score and Juan Castro fielded the ball and threw it to third base instead of home. I am still baffled on how the scorer’s didn’t give Castro an error for that. All in all a terrible defensive day for the Phillies today.
The Phils couldn’t contain Kevin Youkilis, and if you read the post here prior to the start of the series with Boston at, we said the key is containing Youkilis and the Phillies didn’t. He went 2-4 today and scored 3 runs.

   The run producing drought is starting to haunt the Phillies and especially when Halladay has been pitching lately. The Phillies have scored just 1 run total in the last two starts for Doc through the 5.2 innings he pitched today. It seems the Phillies just can’t get a rally going where they get runners on base and then score them.
They’ve been stranding runners in scoring position quite a lot lately.

  The game score was 8-3 in the end but it was never even close with Boston winning this one and the series against the Phillies going away.

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