Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Remembering Millwood’s no hitter from 4/27/2003


     April 27th, 2003 was the last time a Phillies pitcher pitched a no hitter. The difference between a ‘no hitter’ and a ‘perfect game’ is that in the perfect game, no batter reaches any base during the course of the game. The last no hitter game by the Phillies was thrown by Kevin Millwood just into the last season at Veteran’s Stadium which now was quite some time ago in 2003. The rare ‘perfect game’ has been thrown by a Phillies pitcher, on June 21, 1964 by Jim Bunning. This is the only time in over 19000 games that the Phillies have played that a ‘perfect game’ was pitched.

          The Phillies team in 2003 was a very different team, Larry Bowa was still the manager in April 2003, and the Phillies big hitter was Jim Thome. It was the last year that we would see baseball played in the big bowled stadium of Veteran’s Stadium. There was so much talk about the new stadium and the chances of becoming more successful there. Of course how could people have predicted the success that the Phillies have had in just the last couple of seasons.

       Millwood is still pitching in the MLB, he’s with the Baltimore Orioles this season. Kevin pitched for the Phillies in 2003 and 2004 and has a 23-18 record as a Phillies pitcher. He had 5 CG and 3 shutouts for the Phils during his first year with the Phils.

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