Saturday, April 03, 2010

Phils win final spring training game, remain at 6-1 odds to win World Series 2010

Will Hamels dazzle again this season?

      By Rich Baxter -
Philadelphia-The Phillies won their last tune up game in Philadelphia this afternoon, and finished the Spring Training schedule at 15-12. I don't read into this too much, they know what they have to do in the regular season and that season starts Monday in Washington DC, with the opening pitch to be thrown out by President Obama.

Las Vegas still has the Phillies at 6-1 odds, which means if you put a $100 down on them, it would pay you back $600 on a winning wager. Of course the Yankees remain the odds on favorite to repeat, and Boston is not too far behind the Yanks to claim the second best odds at winning it all in 2010.

In two days, the Phillies attracted over 84,000 fans to the ballpark, when previously they couldn't draw that well for a "On Deck" game. It didn't count at all, but the fans were supporting the team in large numbers in anticipation for the season to begin. I still think the Phillies should have expanded CBP by a few thousand seats with a redesign to the park, all this lost revenue is adding up because of having no plans for expansion.

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