Saturday, April 03, 2010

Phils bring out power to down Pirates 5-3, improve to 14-12 in Spring

It's a story that will be written many times this upcoming 2010 season, 'the Phillies offense powered by Ryan Howard and Chase Utley last night to propel the Phils to victory'. This game counts in the Spring Training even though it was at Citizens Bank Park. Today is another game at 1:05pm, this one will count for Spring Training also.

The Phillies wore their all red Spring Training jerseys last night, and the Pirates wore their all black training jerseys. It was good to have baseball back, in the Philly region. This winter was one that many of us will not forget with all of the terrible weather we had in the area.

Chase Utley went 3-3 for the Phillies last night including a home run, and Ryan Howard also hit a long ball to give the Phillies the Spring Training victory.

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