Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Phillies off to great start at 6-1

  Phils are back at home in Philly for '10 
                       pic by rsbaxter

     The home opener left every Phillies fan happy as they left the ballpark after a brief scare on Monday afternoon at the ballpark. The Washington Nationals started off hitting Cole Hamels briefly and this led to a 4-0 lead for them at the end of the top half of the 4th inning.

        Josh Willingham smashed a home run into the left field seats in the 2nd inning, and started the Washington Nationals on a brief rally when into the 4th inning, Hamels walked a couple of batters and the Nats scored three. The Phils answered back with 2 runs in the bottom of the 4th to cut the lead in half.

         The Phils then went back out in the next inning and put up 5 runs in the bottom of the 5th culminating with a Chase Utley home run, and the Phils never looked back at the Nats for the first home opener win since 2005, and one of the best starts ever that the team has ever had.

          Cole Hamels day was a tale of two pitchers really. He gave up 4 earned runs, struck out 6, and gave up 1 home run. His ERA stands at 5.06 as the Phillies offense came back to rescue him in this game. Not a really outstanding outing by Cole but enough to push his record to 2-0.

         Roy Halladay was named NL Player of the Week by the MLB. Halladay last won this ‘Player of the Week’ award last year when he was with Toronto. In 2009, he won during the week of May 11-17 for the AL Player of the Week.

           The 2009 Pennant was also raised in a pre-game ceremony today at the ballpark. This is getting to be nice, there was a time when Phillies fans could only dream of this happening to the team and now it seems like it’s never ending. We’re in a baseball dynasty in Philly and if the Phillies win the divison and pennant this year, I think you could say that this is the greatest moments in time for the team ever. The season is a long one though, and we’ll see what happens as the season unfolds.

          Things are going about as well as they can be for the Phillies so far in this season. The team really hasn’t faced any quality teams yet though, and this all starts to change after the series with Washington that resumes on Wednesday night for the home night opener at 7:05 pm. The next few teams the Phillies will face are Florida at home, and Atlanta, and Arizona both on the road. The Phillies then go out to San Francisco to face the red hot Giants who are doing very well this year so far.

          The bullpen really hasn’t been tested all that much yet with a quality opponent, so for now we are enjoying the results we’ve seen from the ‘pen. Starting pitching has been very good with Halladay and Hamels and speculation is that they may chase each other towards 20 wins each if the offense keeps firing away as it did today and in previous games.

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