Friday, April 16, 2010

Phillies bullpen blows sweep and game, Danys Baez this time


J Roll is out 2-4 weeks for the Phils

  The sweep was a possibility just like it was possible in Washington only days ago. The exact scenario was played out again as it was in Washington 7 days ago. Baez was victimized in Philly on Thursday late afternoon as the Phillies bullpen blew up and cost the Phils a victory and a sweep today of the Nationals by a score of 7-5. Last week in Washington it was Figueroa, that got the loss and cost the Phils a sweep in DC.


        If you look on ESPN’s player page of Danys Baez, it says that the projection is for him to have 18 losses this season. Baez is on his way to that total now, in this young season he has 1 loss and 1 blown save. Remember this is only the third series of a full 22 week season that we have to go with now 21 more weeks to go.


       The weakest link to this team has just started to show itself. It is the bullpen, and it may cost us game after game. Starting pitching is a concern but this can work itself out, but my main concern with this team is the assorted ‘hands’ that Ruben Amaro has stocked the bullpen with. This in fact could lead to the Phillies going straight down the drain as the season wears on, and the added personnel start to get overworked and hit by the opposing teams.


          Something I’ve always talked about at is also the respect factor in facing a hitter. Rarely, a hitter is walked to set something else up when it should be done. This is the manager’s job to do these kind of things and Charlie just doesn’t consider these things. He just pitches away to every hitter regardless of their hitting status.


          7-2 can be a great place to be, but with the Marlins coming to town, I think the Phils need to buckle down and learn for this one. They looked like some of the Phillies teams of old that couldn’t hold a lead.



             Every 5th Day is a Halladay and that is what we have tonight!


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