Thursday, April 29, 2010

Miracle in San Francisco, Werthy of a Win

   The Phillies looked like they would be swept, they trailed most of the game against Tim Lincecum and looked like they were well on their way to losing this game and series until the top of the 9th inning.
          It doesn’t happen too often, but in the top of the ninth the Phillies had the bases loaded with Jayson Werth at the plate. Werth half swung a ball and it sailed into the bright San Francisco air and landed just fair down the right field line. A fan, who was wearing red, almost interfered with the ball, he stuck his hand out to grab the ball, but somehow the ball avoided that and clunked off the wall allowing all the runners on base to score and the Phillies to tie the game.

            Maybe this is what the Phillies needed to give them some spark. The road trip was about to end miserably, but with this dramatic win, perhaps this will be the turning point to get the team back on the positive side of things.
      Cole Hamels pitched well, he kept his team in this game. Again, Hamels will come up without a win but a solid outing nonetheless. This is the way Hamels starts have been going, he doesn’t get run support and then the team rallies back and gets wins without him on the mound, or he just doesn’t get the job done and gets the loss or the rare occasion when the team does well with the bats, and he gets a win. That is part of being on a team, the contributions he is making is not always told in the wins and loss column.

      A day off on Thursday and then it’s hot tropical weather for the weekend in the Philadelphia area, with forecasts in the mid 80’s for this weekend’s series with the Mets. The first place Mets, I might add. Tomorrow we’ll hear from a NY Mets blogger as I as him 5 questions and see what he thinks is happening with the Mets.

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