Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hamels gets no support, Phillies lose series with Marlins

                               Hamels shown here on Sunday looked sharp
                by Rich Baxter –
   Philadelphia- Cole Hamels suffered from this last year, and again now in 2010, the lack of run support has ruined the good pitching day Cole had on the mound on Sunday at Citizens Bank Park. It was the first Sunday home game for the Phillies, and the offense failed to fire off as they have done previously for the Sunday season ticket holders and others that comprised the over 45,000 that were at the ballpark.

  Hamels kept the Phillies into this game, and only scattered a few hits around during the game, one of which was a solo home run by Dan Uggla. That single home run would end up being all the Marlins needed to win on Sunday, though they added another run to make it a 2-0 final score.

   The Phils briefly looked as if they were going to break up the scoring drought, but they couldn’t bring a run home and the day was a long one that ended in a loss after the 2 hour and 29 minute game. We’ve seen a lot of droughts at home last year by the Phillies and I am wondering how this keeps happening? Is there more to this or is the lack of hits and scoring just an anomaly at home?

     Whatever the case, the season moves on and the Phils have the day off on Monday, but head down into dixie and the Atlanta Braves on Tuesday night. We’ll have a cool interview with Scott Humphries from which is an Atlanta Braves blog.  

       It was the Phanatic's birthday on Sunday at the ballpark and some zany things went on down on the field, how about an 'umpire' being swallowed by the Cubs mascot 'Sammy the Clammy'  now that is entertainment
Phanatic Birthday Philadelphia 2010
and a couple more like the Cubs mascot of Harry Cary singing take me out to the ballgame from the TV booth?
Singing 'Take Me Out to The Ballgame' 4/18/2010
and the famous Mom of the Phanatic messing with the grounds crew:
Phanatic Birthday 4/18/2010

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