Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Veteran Moyer awarded 5th starter in rotation

Photo from fOTOGLIF

That's the grip of Jamie Moyer down in Florida, he won the 5th staters job yesterday

             No surprise out of Spring Training which is coming to a quick close. Jamie Moyer was announced as the winner in the competition for the 5th starter in the rotation yesterday. If Moyer had faltered just a little in Spring Training, the job probably would have been awarded to Kyle Kendrick, who also pitched a marvelous Spring Training, but for now the Phillies elected to go with Moyer.

            It will be a long season, and if Jamie is up to the task, he’ll be in that 5th spot all year long, but with a few rough outtings, he may find himself back in the bullpen as he finished up the playoffs and World Series last year for the Phillies. That’s not the worse thing that could happen to a quality pitcher, and nice guy like Jamie Moyer.

           The team travels home for Friday and Saturday’s tune up games with Pittsburgh, until then it’s ‘Paint The town Red Week’ with the Phillies PR staff drumming up awareness that the team is back for the start of the season. The Phanatic will be all ‘red’ until the start of the season when he turns his natural green color again.


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