Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Maple Street Press “Phillies Annual 2010” – not your typical fan’s publication


Phillies 2010 Maple      


The start of a new baseball season always brings out every pundit and writer and broadcaster trying to catch an angle on the upcoming season for the Phillies. This has been even more magnified as the Phillies have been more successful during the last couple of seasons.


     The local bookshops and vendors are usually crowded with baseball magazines and this year is no exception as the 2010 baseball season approaches. This is the second year that a company called Maple Street Press has published a “Phillies Annual 2010” season preview. It’s one publication that stands out and one that deserves a lot of attention. It is a very unique issue in that it is not your ‘typical’ type of baseball magazine about the Phillies. If you go to Citizen’s Bank Park and pickup the latest edition of the official Phillies magazine, you are reading a good quality magazine but not one that you’ll find being overly objective about certain issues.


     Phillies Annual 2010 is a neat assortment of stories written by both professional writers and bloggers that follow the Phillies. Jason Weitzel who authors a blog called Beerleaguer, is the editor and also an author of this year’s edition. Jason originally called his blog, “Berks Phillies Fans” back in 2005 before moving the blog to the “Beerleaguer” blog. The original blog was more or less how many blogs start out for the people that blog about the Phillies, but now only 5 years later, Jason now pens this Annual and just authored a Phillies book on the 2008 Championship Phillies season.


      Where else can you read that, “Philadelphia’s Defense Isn’t As Good As it Looks” which is an article in this year’s editon. Whether or not you agree with it, or not, it still makes for good reading. It’s objectivity that makes this publication so inviting. It is also full of colorful photos from even the Jim Thome Phillies era which seems like a really long time ago. I would like to recommend the edition to fans. Maple Street Publishing also publishes many other ‘Annuals’ of other teams in basketball, hockey, baseball, and football.

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