Saturday, March 27, 2010

Fantasy Baseball Leagues heat up with live drafts for MLB start

       The regular season is right around the corner for the MLB, and this means fantasy baseball managers everywhere are participating in live drafts getting ready for the Fantasy Baseball season that mirrors the MLB with stats from every MLB player taking on a new meaning to fantasy league managers. has it’s own fantasy league this year, which is the 10th year of participation in ‘fantasy leagues’ from Yahoo Sports, which is one of the biggest places that sponsors Fantasy Baseball Leagues for private leagues and the public leagues. Yahoo Sports is the official sponsor of Fantasy Baseball for the MLB.

         Many team managers scour over all the information they can find on players, and it makes it extra fun for those managers to watch players from all the teams in baseball rather than players from their own favorite team. This year, there is an offering by one of the biggest names in business, Bloomberg. Bloomberg Sports is in their first year of a partnership with Major League Baseball in offering a brand new tool via their online aggregation of the latest news, stats, and updates for fantasy baseball team managers. Bloomberg Sports is a very user friendly graphical interface program online that keeps the latest info flowing to team managers both pre and post draft for owners.

                        Screenshots of Bloomberg Sports Online Tools
BBSports 1

  Detailed analysis is available at your fingertips with Bloomberg Sports Fantasy baseball tools. This is not just your average stats aggregation, it’s more of a stats locker on steroids that you can refer to to make you decisions about your draft.

  Bloomberg was nice enough to invite bloggers like the to it’s inaugural press launch of this product. In the ‘information age’ don’t get caught without the proper tools, and this is one of them and it keeps getting better.

          Check back from time to time this season to see the leaders of Fantasy Baseball, a $25 gift certificate to the overall winner is on to the line, plus the bragging rights of being the champion of the league. Want to start your own league?  Just go to
             Want more info on Bloomberg Sports:

       Good luck to all the teams, our live draft is Sunday night March 28th at 7 pm EST

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