Monday, March 15, 2010

ESPN reporting Howard for Pujols talks – nothing confirmed by Amaro

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The Cardinals already have enough distractions with McGwire on the bench - is he the scapegoat for steriods while others just play on without punishment?

     ESPN’s Buster Olney reported a possible discussion in the Phillies organization for the trading of Ryan Howard for Albert Puljols. “That’s a lie…,” is what Phillies GM Ruben Amaro has responded with early when asked for a comment of this story.

     Every so often, leaks appear in various sources about trade stories, but much like the Phillies story about acquiring a couple Japanese relievers from last month, this story lacks any serious credence. This story was printed in a St. Louis newspaper in the sports section, but no one is saying that it has any truth to it.

       If anyone is the Phillies organization discussed this it could have been the hot dog vendor and the pretzel salesman who work there, but I don’t think there has been any talk about this at all at the level that would be making such decisions to trade Howard. Time will tell if this was just a writer trying to make something up out of nothing or whether or not there was someone in the know in the Phil’s organization that actually heard the talks.

      Howard may be from the St. Louis area, but there’s nothing saying that the Phillies would like to see him play there. Howard also has two more seasons on his contract with a nice $19 million this year, and $20 million next year from the Phillies to keep him here.

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