Monday, March 01, 2010

Bloomberg Sports Fantasy Draft kit likes Phillies players



Perhaps one of the best ‘Fantasy Baseball’ Tools out there with Bloomberg Sports    


The Bloomberg Sports new MLB product where you can select your fantasy team based on stats and cool graphics is liking the Phillies. The number 4 pick according to them is Ryan Howard. Howard ranks just behind Albert Pujols at number 1 and A-Rod at number 3. The Bloomberg folks did a great job on this new service which is just in it’s first year.


     The main screen for the Bloomberg  features a “News Ticker” that runs across on the top of the screen, and then some heavy duty analysis tools to help you zone in on a particular player or team with an indepth listing of pertinent articles that you can link to on the web. Draft a great fantasy team and then another product that can be put to use during the regular season to keep track of everything, with Bloomberg’s “In Season Tools” package you can buy both the ‘Draft Kit’ and ‘In Season Tools’ for a discounted price here.


      Want a sleeper pick for your Fantasy team? Just click the button and instantly many players faces appear on the screen. One of them is Ben Francisco of the Phillies. All of the information you’ll find here on Bloomberg Sports is dynamically displayed in a clear, and concise manner.


       We are evaluating and enjoying what Bloomberg Sports has put out on the field so far with this new offering online. We’ll be blogging on this much more during Spring Training as we’ll get to see some more of this service as the games start being played in Spring Training.

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