Sunday, March 14, 2010

The biggest Phillies story out of Spring Training 2010? Halladay and Hamels

Hamels stands in front of billboard while stretching in Dunedin, Florida last week

The biggest story out of Spring Training 2010 for the Phillies to some is watching how well Roy Halladay is starting out on the mound . That answer has been simple, he's been awesome so far. Halladay is poised to make the Phillies and their fans proud of him this season for sure. He looks ready to make the change from the American League over to the National League without blinking an eye.

   The next concern about pitching for this upcoming season has to be Cole Hamels. Will he return to his awesome start with the Phillies or revert to mediocre? Hamels has worked hard on pitching with acquiring a new pitch to throw hitters this season. The pitch that Hamels learned is the cutter and we'll see how much more successful he'll be by using it along with his curveball and fastball.

 The question of whether or not Hamels will psyche himself out to remain calm on the mound. This also is another one of the issues that even Hamels had acknowledged that he needs to be better at this year. He needs to go out there and not show too much emotion either way while out on the mound.

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