Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Baseball bookshelf: “Philadelphia Phillies- Past and Present” by Rich Westcott



     Making the bookshelf spotlight this week at FightinPhillies.com is a Phillies book that goes way back into Phillies history and tells the story of how it all began and goes right up to last season with the team. The book is Philadelphia Phillies Past and Present by Rich Westcott.


      Westcott makes it fun to study the history of the Phillies going back to 1883 with colorful graphics and stories that unfold throughout the book. You never get bored with reading about the past, as just as soon as you’re reading about yesteryear, there is a reference with photos and the names of today’s team.


       The book goes through various chapters to tell the story of the Phillies. Well known battles through the years are documented with the chapter called, “Teams, Rivals, Leagues.” In it you’ll find some stories you may remember of bench clearing brawls and different situations that the team was involved in over the years.


         There is no shortage of historical photos in the book. You can find the picture of the first World Series (1915) program the Phillies were ever in, of course the program from 2008. There is also a number of photos of the different eras of the team. The 1993 era, the Larry Bowa years, Danny Ozark, and Paul Owens. Another cool section of the book is called, “Home Run Kings”. Another one of my favorites of the book is a chapter called, “Nicknames.” How about the photo of Mike Schmidt when he went on the field wearing a long black haired wig? It’s in there.


          A lot of history is packed into this 144 page book, it is a book that wets the appetite for the fan that is fascinated with Phillies baseball. It’s full of information and photos of old scorecards, media guides, and yearbooks and does a wonderful job of presenting the history of the team.  It’s available now at your favorite bookstore or online retailer. A reminder to readers that may want to purchase this, don’t wait to purchase these special books. They tend to go out of print way faster than they should, and then they are no longer available.


          We’re trying to get Rich Westcott to appear on an upcoming edition of “Phillies Talk” – the podcast, so keep listening to hear when he’ll be on the show.

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