Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Welcome back Pitchers and Catchers!

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     A lot of ballyhoo down in Florida and Arizona this week, as the boys of summer are making their return to Spring Training homes to begin yet another year of baseball for the millions of fans who look forward to the start of the season.

    Some talk in the days leading up to the first day of Spring Training on XM Radio this week, talked about the reasons that pitchers and catchers are the first players to report to Spring Training. The reasons are many. The main reason is that pitchers have more work to do loosing their arms and getting ready to throw and another is that this is the tradition. Many years ago, the teams could only bring in the pitchers and someone who they could throw to for money reasons. The teams have to start paying players and in a couple of days the rest of the team reports. That of course was years ago, before the age of mega-million dollar contracts and even more millions in TV revenues.

    The boys are back in camp and pretty soon, they’ll be playing on the field, but first it’s down to jogging, throwing, stretching, and getting some exercise to get into playing shape. Chase Utley is the only player outside of the pitchers and catchers to report very early. Does that tell you something about the work ethic, and leadership of Utley?

      A lot of fun and games are ahead of us, this Spring will be the most televised Spring Training that the Phillies ever had. Before, there were very few games that were broadcast from Spring Training, but this year will have the most games on the air. In fact the Phillies games will be all over the airwaves this year, as the back to back team of the World Series again will see what it’s future holds.

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