Thursday, February 25, 2010

Madson remains the ‘bedrock’ of bullpen

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  Ryan Madson looks to improve even more this season

   Going back over the past few seasons, the bullpen for the Phillies has undergone some major changes. The one unshakeable part of ‘the pen’ has been Ryan Madson. Madson has been the go to guy over the past two seasons in particular. This will be Madson’s seventh season with the Phillies and his lifetime ERA is 3.83 as a Phillies pitcher.

    Ryan has a reputation of being a ‘go to’ guy who is setting up for Brad Lidge now, but could easily probably be a closer on any other major league team in the league. Madson was effective in the World Series last year also, he sported a 2.08 ERA in 5 games and 4.1 innings. In his two combined World Series appearances, Madson has a 3.38 ERA in 9 games and 8 IP, giving up only 1 HR and striking out 12.

   In this day and age, a pitcher being with one team for 7 seasons is a rarity in itself, Ryan Madson is one of few pitchers that haved stayed with the Phillies for so many years.

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