Monday, February 22, 2010

Kendrick looks to stay in the Majors this year

3984960283_f9ccf37deb_b Kendrick looks to stay with the Phillies for the whole season this year

  Kyle Kendrick’s career in baseball has been nothing short of a roller coaster ride as it pertains to staying with the Phillies in the Majors. He’s been one of the players that the Phillies have seemed to stand by though, and despite Kendrick’s early success a couple seasons ago, he is still out to prove that he is a big league pitcher.

   There has been much said about a battle for the fifth spot in the Phillies starting rotation. There is a feeling that J.A. Happ will secure the fourth spot, which leaves open the fifth spot for either Kendrick or Jamie Moyer to battle out for. Jose Contreras has been a starter too, but it’s too early to tell if he will be a third horse in the race for the final starting pitching position on the team.

     Last season, it seemed that J.A. Happ was just lucky enough to stay with the team upon breaking camp in Florida, he took last year’s chance and almost scored the NL Rookie of the Year, which he was beat out by Chris Coughlan of the Florida Marlins. Kendrick is in a similar position as Happ was last season. He’s showed improved pitching after being sent down to the minors and now is out to prove he can stay up in the bigs.

    Kendrick’s early success seemed to disappear in a fast few games he pitched in 2008 after he was called up and went a tremendous 10-4 in 20 starts in 2007. In 2008, he continued his success and appeared to be very steady before it all came unglued for him on a West coast trip in August of 2008, and continued with terrible starts in September. The Phillies didn’t even make him a member of the postseason roster which means he didn’t get to pitch at all in the playoffs or World Series in ‘08. He was then sent to the minors for much of 2009 before being called up again to the Phillies team last season when he showed improvement again.

     Kyle’s lifetime record as a Phillies pitcher is an impressive 24-14, but he still has a lot to prove. It’s really important for him to make this team to continue his quest to stay in the bigs, time will tell.

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