Sunday, February 14, 2010

2010’s Fantasy Baseball magazine season is underway – get a free 2010 Season Guide book here!




        The snow storms of a week ago made me postpone a weekend trip to my local Borders Bookstore to get a peek at all of the 2010 Fantasy Baseball preview magazines that usually are out a couple weeks prior to Spring Training, but I finally made it just a few days ago and once again the racks were full for the upcoming fantasy baseball team owners.


      Pick your favorite, or buy a few of them. The big names are there in colorful magazine glossy covers. Yahoo Sports Fantasy Baseball Guide, Rotowire, Beckett, and many more are now on display at your favorite bookstore. I purchased the Yahoo Fantasy Baseball 2010 draft guide. It gives you a nice look at each team in a graphical display of their depth charts and much more. Yes, you can find this online, but it’s much easier to have a publication at hand for better overall viewing of some fantasy information.


     Yahoo Sports has Jayson Werth as their #36th pick out of the Top 300 picks in the MLB. That is very bullish for Werth, it may have signaled that he has arrived on the map as a superstar. The signing of Shane Victorino in the off season has signaled to some that Werth may not be resigned as a Phillie player after this season, but Werth’s stock will be high whatever happens, and he will be in a Phillies uniform this season and that’s what matters. According to this Yahoo publication, they have projected that Roy Halladay will have 18 wins this season. Cole Hamels is also projected to have 15 wins.


      Here’s a free bonus for our readers here at, SABR, the Society for American Baseball Research, is offering the baseball public a free downloadable 2010 Baseball Season Guide. The press release emailed to us reads like this:

The Society for American Baseball Research (SABR) is giving away The Emerald Guide to Baseball 2010 to the world baseball community. Developed in the spirit of the classic guides published by the Sporting News, Spalding, and Reach, The Emerald Guide includes all pitching, hitting, and fielding statistics for every player active in the major and minor leagues during 2009. Other features include team histories, up-to-date team contact information and schedules, an extensive Year in Review essay, team day-by-day game logs, All-Star Game box score and play-by play, post-season box scores and play-by-play, transactions, debuts, first-year player draft, and major and minor league necrology.


         So here it is for free! as a PDF download or you can purchase a hardbound copy of the book at Get your free down load here:

 The Emerald Guide to Baseball 2010 is available as a free PDF download from


       I downloaded my free copy, and it is a wealth of info to say the least at more than 600 pages of info.

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