Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Why the Phillies need Brett Myers





   Brett Myers is still a pitcher without a home. The Phillies saw something in him years ago to sign him to a hefty contract that earned him over $12 million dollars last season alone. Myers has been a Phillie his whole career, and despite him not being signed by the Phillies again up to now, I don’t think we’ve seem the last of him yet.


      When the Phillies won the Division Series last season, I remember watching the TV as the players celebrated and the TV crew from Comcast Philly was interviewing Ruben Amaro Jr. in the locker room. Amaro was waxing poetic about the win, basking in the glow of victory when out of no where, Brett Myers emerged and popped over and drenched him in champagne. “Relax a little” he said to Amaro Jr. as he poured cold champagne all over his head and his nice suit he was wearing. That was the moment I thought that we wouldn’t see Brett again. All of his antics, his misdeeds, and misgivings were culminated in that stunt I thought.


       Was Myers the worst type of player to have on the Phillies team though? In the past, I’ve bashed him for getting into trouble, cursing at the press, and things like that. He is very rebellious and headstrong at times, but doesn’t the Phillies team need someone like that? He stormed off the mound and had words with Charlie Manuel when he was taken out of a game a while ago, if he didn’t care, he wouldn’t have done that and he just merely could have shrugged it off and returned to the dugout counting his millions along the way.


      Myers has started the Phillies seasons for the past three years, he has been moved to the bullpen and dropped down to the minors in the past. He’s paid his dues and then some. He’s a connection to the ‘old’ type of baseball player, one who battles and battles and fights for things that he feels is right. When Cole Hamels said what he did last year, he chided him for it, joke or not, and put Hamels in his place for saying what he did. No one else did.


      The Phillies invested a lot in Myers, and he has returned a lot to the Phillies. I think the team should give him a second look, he is still out there, and a force in the National League. He is what stirs Phillies baseball, the passion and traditions.

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