Thursday, January 07, 2010

Who needs Danys Baez? Only the Phillies came to call on him



      The 2010 season may be a couple months away, but with the Phillies most recent signing, Danys Baez leaves at lot to be desired. Baez is coming off of a three year contract with the Orioles that was a waste of time for the O’s as Baez was not all that he was advertised to be, and he was getting pretty good money to play for them.


       His name is Danys (pronounced Danny) Joseph Baez, he was born in Cuba, and defected as a ballplayer who was playing in the U.S. some years ago. Last season he was in 59 games for the Orioles and pitched 72.1 innings. He gave up 59 hits and 32 earned runs as a set up man, and gave up 8 home runs. He had ‘0’ saves and 2 blown saves on the year. The year prior, in 2008, he was injured and did not play.


        Earlier in his career, he was more reliable, but you can’t lean back and think that the form he had years ago will return. If anything, it may make for a long season in the bullpen for Baez and for fans that expect something great from him. I could be wrong, but we’ll see as the season starts and he gets some work in.


      Most recent Phillies are not going to be back in 2010:

Clay Condrey Signed with the Twins for 2010
Scott Eyre Unlikely to return now
Chan Ho Park Wanted more than the Phils would pay him for 2010

  Add these names to the longer list of players not on the 2010 team:

Cliff Lee Traded to Seattle
Eric Bruntlett Signed with the Nationals
Pedro Feliz Signed with Astros
Pedro Martinez Not resigned


         This 2010 team is a very different team from when we went from the championship team in 2008 to the World Series appearance in 2009. I’ve said it before, Cliff Lee got that team motivated and set to be in the World Series, without him I don’t think the Phillies would have made the series. Can Halladay deliver that to the Phillies? We’ll have to wait and see.

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