Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ruiz and three others file for arbitration





   Carlos Ruiz and three other Phillies players filed for arbitration yesterday. The other Phillies were Shane Victorino, Chad Durbin, and Joe Blanton. Carlos has been the Phillies full time catcher for the past three seasons and it seems like it may be time for him to start getting a better piece of the pie from the team. Carlos has put up some awesome numbers in the two World Series that the Phillies have been in the last two years and also in the playoffs. Here’s some of his stats:


Regular season Career Avg. .246 BA 480 AB 61 RBI 10 HR
NLCS – 2 series .345 BA 5 RBI 6 BB 7 R
World Series – 2 .353 BA 34 AB 9 BB 4- 2B, & 2 HR


       Simply put, Carlos Ruiz is just about as close to being “Mr. October” than you can be for the team. His numbers in the clutch situations and key World Series games are off the charts.


        The other players on the arbitration list should do well also. Shane Victorino has been a fan favorite, he turned in an awesome season last year with 39 doubles, and 13 triples with 10 homeruns and 25 stolen bases. Chad Durbin and Joe Blanton both had good years also so it should be a win for all involved players with the arbitrations.

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