Tuesday, January 26, 2010

No distractions with signing arbitration eligible



What looked so unpleasant with the filing of the arbitration eligible players on the Phillies has turned out to be so easy with the signing of the four players who filed just days ago. First done was Chad Durbin, then in quick order, Joe Blanton, Shane Victorino, and Carlos Ruiz. All made millionaires over the length of their contracts and rewarding them for their jobs well done on the Phillies team.


   The GM, Ruben Amaro Jr, made it look easy. Not blinking and eye and just rolling out the signings as if they were the easiest deals ever done. Yes, it was millions spent, and as Amaro stated in jest about Blanton when he complimented the Phillies organization, “We paid him $24 million to say that.” The Phillies look set to begin another season, another year of memories for the players and the fans who watch them in only a few short months.


      Here’s the break down of the signings:


Chad Durbin $2.125 million – 1 yr
Joe Blanton $24 million – 3 yr
Shane Victorino $22 Million – 3 yr
Carlos Ruiz $8.5 Million – 3 yr

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