Saturday, January 02, 2010

New stats experience coming to MLB fans, fantasy leagues, and the MLB


  Happy New Year once again to all! Hope everyone had a great holiday season. The new baseball season is right on our heels and with it brings new technology items to the sport of baseball. One of the greatest parts of last season for me was the improved technology of came a long way with the quality of their broadcasts and the new features that were included with the whole package that they offered. Just the chance to be able to go back and watch games that you missed or wanted to view again and the quality that the broadcast was online made it worth it for me. In previous years, the package that you watch on your computer was a grainy experience that only worked well some of the time, and the quality wasn't there, but that all changed now.

      Starting this year is a brand new experience that both fans and the MLB will be able to use, it is called If you're familiar with the stock market and financial news, you may be already familiar with the name, Bloomberg. They have an excellent website about stocks, and financial trading, and a television network devoted to the same. They are now offering their statistical expertise to sports, and the MLB will be using their stats on a professional basis this year, along with a healthy dose of stats for fans and fantasy leaguers. We'll have much more on this service in the coming weeks, it looks like it's going to be a great tool.

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