Friday, January 08, 2010

Eyre retires, Park will not be resigned and Phillies pitching still top concern

Photo from fOTOGLIF

Chan Ho Park seen here at his health club in Korea in the offseason

   Scott Eyre will be retired when the 2010 season starts in April for the Phillies. They won’t have the services of Eyre or Chan Ho Park as January rolls on closer to the start of the new season. Don’t feel too bad for Chan Ho though, he’ll have his spot in Phillies history for his clutch pitching in relief for the Fightins over the past year.

    Chan Ho also owns some health clubs in his native Korea and may still end up somewhere on an MLB club this season. He’s kept himself in great shape, so even as he is past his prime as a starter, he still could contribute to a club in some form. Little known by most Phillies fans is that Chan Ho’s wife who is Korean but grew up in Japan is a full fledged chef and the daughter of a guy who is the 76th richest person in Japan. Chan Ho is very lucky to say the least.

    Pitching still is a concern for the Phillies as we move towards the 6 more weeks mark till spring training mark. Here’s a look at the Phillies starting pitching rotation as it may look in April:


The Phillies starters as Fightin sees it:

Roy Halladay
Should be the marquee name this year for the Phils
Cole Hamels
World Series MVP 2008
Joe Blanton
Looks to stay steady in 2010
J.A. Happ
Happ should be a starter this year, we are still troubled about him not starting in the World Series.
Kyle Kendrick and/or

Jamie Moyer
Should get another chance at starting this season

The ageless wonder continues this season.

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