Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Arbitration figures for the Phillies

The numbers are out for the arbitration of the eligible players on the Phillies. Chad Durbin already settled with the Phillies at 2.125 million for this season and here’s what the other players want and what the Phillies want to offer them:
Player               Last Year        Requests        Phillies offer
$2.5 Million
$1.7 million
$3.125 Million
$5.8 Million
$4.75 Million
$5.475 Million
$10.25 Million
$7.5 Million

       It must be nice to be a ballplayer and make all of that money. It almost sounds like monopoly money when you read about it in newspapers and magazines. How about Alex Rodriguez and his salary of $33 Million a year? It’s really crazy that any team would pay that kind of salary.

     Thanks to Scott Lauber and his blog “Philled In” for these numbers

    Here's FightinPhillies take on what the players want and what the Phillies are offering:

      FightinPhillies blog thinks Big Joe should be about an $7.5 million dollar pitcher - I’d only want him for a year if I were the Phillies.

Chooch Ruiz is worth every bit of $2.5 million, how can you pay his backup more than the starter? He’s been a gem for the team in the postseason. He may be selling himself short.
Victorino is an interesting case. He’s a bit on the flakey side if you ask me. He can play ball but he’s not putting up monster numbers, but leads the Phils in Batting Average. $4.75 million should be more than sufficient for him. Interesting what he’ll get if it goes to arbitration.

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