Saturday, January 09, 2010

The $20,000,000 question: How many wins will Halladay have?



    Roy Halladay is the first $20,000,000 a year player ever paid for by the Philadelphia Phillies. The sum of money now just seems like another number. Millions here, millions there and it all sounds so easy. The fact is $20 million dollars is a lot of money. Despite what we read in the papers and online that say Halladay is a bargain for that, it is a boat load of cash.


    I was thinking of the salary in terms of how many wins that the Phillies will see from Halladay this season. If he turns in a 20 win season this year, you could easily break it down to a million dollars for a win. What if he doesn’t have a good season? Time will tell and then the pundits will wonder about this deal and if it was worth it. Roy Halladay won the Cy Young award in 2003, that’s a long time ago.


     The other thing a $20 million dollar salary says to the other players is that this team has plenty of money. Suddenly, Jimmy Rollins salary looks small to this at $8.5 million, and forget about Carlos Ruiz who is still making minimum salary at $450,000. Brett Myers just signed a one year deal for $5 million dollars to pitch for the Houston Astros. Is a Halladay baseball card worth 4 Brett Myers cards if you were trading them like you used to do as a kid?


     Roy Halladay’s final start for the Toronto Blue Jays at home in Toronto was a shutout on September 25, 2009 – the team he shut out? Seattle Mariners. CBS Fantasy Sports does a stat projection for the coming season on their website. It is fun to read it and see what it says from all the stats that go into making it. Here’s what it says for the projections on Roy Halladay in 2010:


Wins 17
Losses 9
ERA 3.13
SO 200
Innings 230.0


      As I am writing this post, I am watching Doc’s last game at home for the Blue Jays, he just struck out Ichiro and made it look pretty easy. I am now starting to get excited to see Halladay in a Phillies uniform. It will be interesting to see the first group of fans that jump on Doc’s Phillies career, and what they will call themselves in the stands.


  1. the projection for Doc's ERA is a little off. He had a sub 2.79 ERA in the AL east last year. My guess

    20-7, 2.50 ERA, 220 ip, 215 so

    NL cy young winner

  2. I like that 20 game win mark prediction, that is the only thing that will make the signing seem like is was really worth it.

    Maybe he'll go 22-5 or something greater, you never know.