Monday, December 07, 2009

Winter Meetings warm up Indianapolis with baseball negotiations

Indianapolis had snow on Monday but the heat was inside the Indianapolis Marriott where MLB has begun it’s annual Winter meetings. A lot might happen at these meetings, and a lot of speculation is being thrown around in rumor central so far there.
       One of the rumors is that Joe Blanton is being offered around in trade by the Phillies. Of course Ruben Amaro is discounting this rumor, and won’t confirm or deny it. The fact that it is a rumor though is interesting as he is a part of the starting rotation of the Phillies.
        Meetings with Chan Ho Park’s agent and Chad Durbin who has the same agent as Park were talked about. Nothing to report out of this yet. I wouldn’t think Chan Ho is that desirable anymore, but I suspect Durbin will still be.
          Former Phillies player, Pat Burrell, is being named in rumors of possibly going to the Mets if a deal could be worked out. We all know how tough Pat used to play against the Mets, now he may play for them.
           A lot of talk centers around the Phillies looking for help for the bullpen, but nothing to report as to recent signings or players the Phillies may be looking at.

          We’ll be following what is going on in Indianapolis and you can too, on Twitter: here’s some of the people there reporting the events going on there:
                                         @jasonst   (Jayson Stark)
                 and from USA Today these two columnists:


               SethLiveUSAT (Seth Livingstone from USA Today) on Twitter reported that a deal to send Figgins to Seattle appears to be all but a done deal. That may be the first big move of the meetings for this year.

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