Thursday, December 10, 2009

Why Roy Halladay will not be a Phillie in 2010

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Do the Phillies even need Roy Halladay?

   A lot of rumors are swirling at just what teams are still in the race for Roy Halladay. I think the Phillies are not committed to signing him, and why should they be? They have an ace in Cliff Lee already. If the Phillies intend on keeping him after this season in 2010, Lee will command a nice salary just by himself. Cole Hamels is the runner-up ace of the team. He didn’t deserve the ‘ace’ tag last year, but expect him to bounce back and have a better season next year.    

  Money is why the Phillies will not be able to sign Roy Halladay to a multi-year contract. This is the reason we probably won’t see him in a Phillies uniform this upcoming season. There is only so much pieces of the pie to go around in Philly. This isn’t New York where they are getting $1,000 a seat in the infield areas. This is blue collar Philadelphia, and the people of Philly would never dream on spending that much money to see a baseball game, and the Phillies wouldn’t have nerve to charge that much in this town.

  The Phillies now have a team that is overstocked with stars. They have monster salaries that they are committing to a few players and they deserve a nice payday but the buck has to stop somewhere. There is no need to bring in Halliday from a business standpoint. The Phillies still have the nucleolus of the team that has made the trip to the World Series in the past two seasons.

   The Phillies organization would have to jettison one of these big stars in my opinion to get Halliday signed for a few years. Who would that be? I am not so sure the Phils would trade an Utley, Rollins, or Howard for him. They still have some room if the Phils go all out but why should they? They have Cliff Lee and he’s our ace, they just need to build up around him more and the pitching staff will be more solid.

     Now on the other hand, I wouldn't mind having Halladay on this team, but I just don't think it's going to happen, the money isn't there and these days players care a lot about money.

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