Saturday, December 05, 2009

Some fans cheer Polanco’s addition to Phils

Photo from fOTOGLIF


Photo from fOTOGLIF

More scenes from the announcement that the Phillies had signed Placido Polanco
on December 3, 2009


  A lot of talk today centered around the additon of the latest Phillies, Placido Polanco amongst Phillies fans everywhere. Some fans were excited that the Phillies have picked up a guy who can get on base, and not strike out as many times as certain players do. Placido Polanco is that guy, and he’ll make his presence known on the field for the Phillies in just 12 weeks or so in Spring Training.

             On Friday, this blog ran a story on how certain blogs focused on the Phillies reacted to the Polanco signing. Most of the daily blogs didn’t give full support to this signing, and some even went further with some dire predictions that Polanco won’t get the job done for the team at third base.

            A few Phillies fans that I know were bursting out in smiles and ecstatic that the Phillies had picked up Placido. They talked about his great defense and great batting skills, and how important he will be to the 2010 Phillies team. I remained the skeptic, along with some other Phillies fans that I know. We just have the opinion that this just wasn’t the right time to do this for the Phillies. Placido Polanco wasn’t too high on the desirability list for most teams, and if the only reason that Ruben Amaro signed him was that his price was lower than other players circulating around for third base spots, we could see this deal backfire and cost the Phillies plenty.

           So it goes, Polanco is a Phillie. The only way we’ll know who is right and who is wrong about picking him to anchor third base is by looking at the results at the end of the season in 2010 and then 2011 and 2012. Placido is going to have the opportunity to play on this World Series caliber team now. It’s going to be interesting to see if he blossoms more or just flops and becomes yet another bad third baseman for the Phillies. Before we signed Pedro Feliz, third base was the weakest part of the Phillies team for years. Somehow Feliz lost the faith of Amaro and others that run the manangement of the Phillies and now he’s gone. He was a cornerstone at third, a virtual mechanical man that made pinpoint accurate throws all the time. Feliz perhaps was too quiet to say how his contributions helped the team, his voice was seldom heard but his play on the field spoke for him loudly.

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