Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Remember when? Ruben Amaro was a Phillie …

Ruben Amaro 1992


       Maybe it was that stare that is noticed first on Ruben Amaro’s face on his Phillies baseball card, that sheer look of terror that scared pitchers far and wide… Not! This is from my own collection of Phillies cards and now he’s our GM.

A lot of Phillies fans who are younger can’t remember when the current Phillies GM was a player. The fact that Ruben Amaro’s father was a Phillies player before him in the 60’s (1960-65) and then a coach and executive with the Phillies who even won a Gold Glove in 1964 as a member of the Phillies team at shortstop comes to more surprise with some of the younger generation that is just starting to discover some Phillies history.

     Ruben Amaro Jr. spent two stints with the Phillies, one from 1992-93 and then again from 1996-‘97-‘98. As a member of the Cleveland Indians in 1995, he got a couple at bats in the ALCS, and then a couple at bats in the World Series, he went 0-5 with one strikeout in those two postseason appearances but he was in the game none the less.

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