Friday, December 18, 2009

Phillies trivia to read during the weekend snowstorm!


   The area is bracing for the first big storm of the year as I write this column in the FightinPhillies blog on Friday night, December 18th. Christmas is only one more week away so why don’t we de-stress from the big Halladay trade and the loss of Cliff Lee with some good old fashioned Phillies trivia and fast facts this weekend!

          Trivia Questions:

1:    There have been 51 managers in the history of the Phillies franchise. Who was the first manager and when?

2:    Roy Halladay will wear the number 34 jersey next year, the same number that Cliff Lee wore. Who wore the jersey for the Phillies that read ‘0’ the only time in Phillies history?

  3:   True or false the Phillies won their first Opening Day game on May 1, 1883?

  4:   Mike Schmidt may be the greatest Phillies player of all time, he holds this record for most seasons with the Phillies, how many seasons?

   5:  We just got Roy Halladay from the Toronto Blue Jays, prior to this trade, who get in the deal before this one?  (Easiest one on the trivia roundup!)

   6:    Playing your entire major league career with one team in the MLB is a thing of the past. Who was the last Phillies pitcher to spend their whole career of 11 years with them?

   7:   Name the retired numbers you’ll never see another Phillies player wear other than the number 42 jersey which was retired by Major League Baseball. There are 5 numbers retired for the Phils…

  8:   Who is the only Phillies pitcher to win 4 Cy Young awards? (2nd easiest on the trivia stumpers!)

  9:  Charlie Manuel has been a great manager of the Phillies for years now, he has never won NL Manager of the Year though with them, who was the last Phillies manager to win this award?

10: Which Phillies regular player has the fewest ‘Grounded into Double Plays’ in a season which was only 1?


      1 .   Bob Ferguson in 1883

      2.  Al Oliver in 1984 wore the number ‘0’ jersey

      3.  False, they lost 4-3

      4.  18 seasons -1972-1989, the only team Mike ever played for

      5.  Matt Stairs on  8-30-08 for that Fabio Castro

      6.   Larry Christenson spent his whole career of 11 seasons as a Phillie

      7.   # 1 – Richie Ashburn – # 14 – Jim Bunning – # 20 – Mike Schmidt – # 32 Steve Carlton and # 36  Robin Roberts – these numbers will never be worn again by a Phillie.

       8.  Steve Carlton -  ‘72-‘77-‘80-‘82  an incredible 4 Cy Young Awards

       9.  Larry Bowa was the last NL Manager of the Year for the Phillies in 2001

      10.  Richie Ashburn, in 1948 had the fewest GIDP on the season with 1

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