Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Phillies Talk - internet radio show and podcast "Winter Meetings 2009"

           We talk about the latest signings and rumors of the Winter Meetings in Indianapolis, Indiana. The Phillies look to get their bullpen in order, and possibly at the expense of Joe Blanton. Or is it just a ploy that Amaro is using to get some of the bullpen pitchers signed? Time will tell, enjoy this week's edition of "Phillies Talk" with Rich Baxter and Jim Mulry.


  What is a podcast or internet radio show? :

    A podcast is a series of digital media files (either audio or video) that are released episodically and downloaded through web syndication.

The mode of delivery differentiates podcasts from other ways of accessing media files over the Internet, such as simple download or streamed webcasts: a centrally-maintained web feed on the distributor's server lists all files associated with a given series, and special client software applications known as podcatchers (e.g., iTunes, Zune, Juice, and Winamp) are used that can automatically identify and download new files in the series when they are released, by checking the feed for updates. New files are thus downloaded automatically and stored locally on the user's computer or other device ready for offline use, giving simpler access to episodic content.[1][2] The most common audio file format used is MP3.[citation

The Phillies Talk podcast is an independently produced show that is on iTunes and here on the internet. We are always looking for sponsors for the show so if you have a business or service that you want to advertise, give us an email or a call and we'll get your business or service on our podcast and website.      

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