Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Phillies Ballgirls down to one last spot and you can vote on it!

2009 Phillies ballgirls     

Getting on the Phillies ballgirls squad is a very nice honor for a young lady to have anymore. Years ago for the Phillies it was never as difficult as now to get on board and get the chance to ‘work’ major league games with the Phillies as a ballgirl. All that has changed, there are thousands who would want the chance now, and it’s a real challenge to get on the squad. There are tryouts and interviews and everything comes down to a precious few that actually get the job.

    In years past, we’ve interviewed some of the ballgirls that have been selected by the Phillies organization on the podcast that I do called Phillies Talk. The women we’ve talked to were excited and happy to have made the grade and get the chance to be with the team on game day and down on the field. We plan on interviewing yet another ballgirl this upcoming season so stay tuned to this website and our podcast called “Phillies Talk” for the show with a lucky ballgirl in March of 2010. The Phillies director of the community and charity events is Michelle Devicaris, she is also the director of the ballgirls. She says, “"They serve as ambassadors for the Phillies and represent the team both on the field and off the field at various charity and community events.”

          Well now it’s up to you, the fans to pick the last remaining spot in the ballgirls lineup for 2010. was contacted by Mr. Patrick Rosenbaum to help get a Temple student elected into the position:

My name is Patrick Rosenbaum and I am a Temple University Student contacting the FightinPhillies Blog to see if you would be interested in promoting & possibly endorsing Kami Mattioli to be selected as a 2010 Phillies Ball Girl.  Voting is being held all week long on the Phillies website for the final Ball Girl spot, and Kami is one of them. 

We have a facebook page with over 650 members and are hitting the twitter feeds hard in her support.  We are looking for some highly distinguished blogs like FightinPhillies Blog to spread the word to vote for Kami.  If you could do anything to help get out the word to vote for her that would be great!  She is a Temple University Pre-Law Student who has played softball her entire life and attended Radnor HS. 

This is the link to the actual voting page on the Phillies Website:
Link to the facebook group:

              So there you are, let’s help Kami get that last spot on the field with the Phillies, thanks to Phillip for reaching out and trying to get her elected onto the squad!
Phillies ballgirl 08
  A ballgirl from 2008 rides in the parade with the watchful eye of Tom McCarthy!

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