Monday, December 14, 2009

Home for the Halladays?

Halladay could be saying 'Goodbye Cito, and Hello Charlie'

    The chatter has been at a fever pitch amongst Phillies fans everywhere when at around 4 PM this afternoon, it was reported that a deal was possibly in the wings to bring Roy Halladay here to Philly and send our current ace, Cliff Lee, packing off to Seattle. For a tense three hours this has been the scuttlebutt of writers, reports, fans, and probably players. As of 7:45 pm, the deal has not been announced as official and though it looks as if it may be a deal right now, it may change as well so nothing is for sure as of yet.

         The Phillies had Cliff Lee signed to them through the 2010 season, the plan was to keep it like that, and now it seems as if everything has gone completely bonkers at the GM’s office at Citizens Bank Park and that the Phillies might be trading the guy that really got them as far as the team went in 2009, and send him packing for another ace who is waiting in the wings. Cliff Lee was relentless this season, his poise and command just blew away opponents when he was pitching for the Phillies and the team really never looked better. Now it seems it may be all just a memory. Lee was wonderful for the Phillies, he seemed to fit right in, and in a previous blog post here, I talked about there not being room or money for two aces, but now it seems like the Phillies will deal one ace away to land a pitcher who hasn’t pitched for any other team but the Blue Jays and would be facing the National League for the first time for a full season next year.

        There has been reports that Joe Blanton took a physical today also, and that could mean that he was part of the deal also. If the Phillies were to lose both Lee and Blanton, I would call this move reckless and without just cause. The dust hasn’t settled yet with this deal and it is just all speculation right now. Until it is officially announced of who gets who, and who is coming here, there is not much more to go on.

      Do you give up Lee and Blanton for Halladay? My opinion is no, I wouldn’t do it for all the tea in China. Lee is coming up on his free agency and will pitch his heart out this year, where as Halladay if he gets that juicy 3 year contract, would have the luxury of sitting on the fat contract and you have him for three years. Will he lead this ball team to another postseason appearance? Time will tell, but you know what Lee did for the team.

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