Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Brian Schneider now a Phillie, will Halladay be next?

     The Phillies have done little to tinker with the success they have had with the team in the past two seasons with the exception of adding Cliff Lee this past season and adding Raul Ibanez in the beginning of the season last year. The Phils added a backup catcher, Brian Schneider, today  in a move that gives the Phillies a veteran guy to go to. Brian will make more than Carlos Ruiz does now though, and that's a puzzling factor to consider. Ruiz hasn't shared the monetary success that others have with the Phillies, that's for sure. Schneider will make 2.75 million dollars in the two year deal. He didn't exactly set the world on fire last season, in 59 games he had 3 HR and 18 RBI for the Mets in '09.

        Roy Halladay is still in the news for possibly coming to Philly. Although there has been no reason to believe that any deal would be made for him by Ruben Amaro. Halladay has named several teams he would like to be on, and the Phillies are one of them. What would the Phillies have to give up to get him? That would be where it gets interesting. Who would Toronto want? One thing is for sure, J.P. Riccardi is no longer calling the moves for Toronto as GM, but the fact remains who would the Phillies part with to get Halladay and would they want to add a pitcher like him for possibly one season?  Halladay also said he wouldn't mind being a Yankee, or with the Red Sox so they may make a move for him as well. It's almost like it's more of who will give Halladay the best deal and if it's ok with Toronto and they get what they want, it will be a done deal with some contending team. I just don't sense that the Phillies are all that strong on acquiring Halladay but stranger things have happened.

       Stay tuned for what happens next with the Halladay sweepstakes and listen to the next Phillies Talk podcast that will be posted on this website on Wednesday night! We're taking questions and your comments for the show as well, call  609-829-3125 on our message line to be part of the show! This week's question: Who would you give up for Roy Halladay and why - or should we even think about getting Halladay?

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  1. Not sure if it would be worth it to give up the prospects to get Halladay. But I ask these two questions and just think how different your answer is...1) Will the Phillies win the World Series this year with the staff they have? 2) Will the Phillies win the World Series with Halladay, Lee, Hamels, and Happ? There's my answer. I doubt it happens though.

  2. The odds are against them to win in '10 - that is for sure. I don't really like that they weren't more aggressive than they were in the World Series, it almost seemed like they played very nonchalant at times in the World Series.

    I wouldn't have started Pedro in Game 6 - that was not the right move, but hindsight is 20/20 and the Phillies lost last year, will they win next year? They have 162 games to play to get into the playoffs again. We'll see.