Saturday, November 07, 2009

Several Phillies go ‘under the knife’ to prepare for next season

Operation“Operation” remember that board game?

The baseball season is long and grueling. 162 games in the regular season and perhaps many more in the post season is what an athlete subjects himself to. Today, it is reported that several Phillies are undergoing surgeries to prolong their careers and get them healthy again for next year.

    Phillies reported under doctor’s care so far:

Date of return
Brad Lidge
Loose bodies in arm
Spring Training
Scott Eyre
Loose bodies in arm
Spring Training
Raul Ibanez
Sports Hernia
Spring Training

  This list of Phillies under going procedures may grow as time goes by, though the earlier these procedures get finished, the sooner the player can be healthy again for yet another season.

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