Saturday, November 28, 2009

Renewals are in for 2010 season ticket holders, parking is going up to $15

    The Phillies organization wasted no time in getting the renewal packages out for season ticket holders this year. Most received their packets for renewals by Black Friday, just a reminder not to spend all of that holiday cash, and you still have a big bill staring at you from the Phillies and the upcoming 2010 season.

      In the 2010 season, there will be a big increase in parking lot fees, they are going to be charging $15 to park this year at the ballpark. Just a couple years ago, it was $10 – where did all the increases come from with parking? That’s almost half the cost of one 300 or 400 level ticket now. It’s too expensive when you compare it to that.

      The seating ticket prices overall had a modest but steadily increasing over time price hike as well. If you want a full season seat between first and third base you’ll be parting with over $4,525 for each seat. There are 81 home games so, it’s $55 per seat, which is still very reasonable compared with New York’s ballparks which are off the scale. Tickets outside the first and third base line are $41 per game except the first 6 rows which are $55 from where the ball girls sit in left and right field. Outfield in the first level is $29 per seat on a season ticket buy or Sunday plan, at this time there is very limited Sunday seats available, as people decide not to renew there may be openings though, as the Phillies need a response by December 16th to give them time to sell the vacated seats.

         Individual ticket prices will likely be more when they are available, six pack plans go on sale on December 4th, so get in early.

             Here's the Season Tickets locations the dark brown are the $55 per seat prices:

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