Sunday, November 15, 2009

Phillies players collect awards for 2009 season & MLB Baseball Awards schedule 2009

    The awards are piling in this year for the Phillies players who have earned them by having great seasons. Here’s the story on the awards and who won what:

     Phillies Gold Glove Winners 2009:
Jimmy Rollins
Shortstop (3rd GG in a row)
Shane Victorino
Center (2nd GG in a row)

   Each year since 1957, the prestigious ‘Gold Glove’ Award has been awarded to a single player at each position. The award was created by the baseball glove maker and sporting goods maker, Rawlings. The players who have won them consecutively over the years read like a who’s who of baseball. Keith Hernandez won the award 11 years in a row at first base, Greg Maddux won the Gold Glove for pitcher 13 years in a row from 1990 to 2002 and then skipped winning it in 2003, and then Maddux won it 5 more years in a row from 2004 to 2008. The Phillies great third baseman, Mike Schmidt, won the award 9 years in a row from 1976 to 1984.

   The Gold Glove is awarded by voting by managers and coaches in each league and the managers are not permitted to vote on their own players.

    Phillies player who won a Silver Slugger in 2009:

Chase Utley
Second Base (4th Silver Slugger Award in a row- 2006-2009)

     The Silver Slugger Award is one that is more recent in baseball. The award was started in 1980 by the makers of the baseball bat, Louisville Slugger, a company called Hillerich and Bradsby manufactures the bat. The award is voted on by managers and coaches of baseball and like the Gold Glove, managers are not able to vote for their own players.

   Phillies players to win the award previously are: Baseball Hall of Fame member Mike Schmidt; 6 times, Manny Trillo; 2 times (1980-81), Darren Daulton; 1 time (1992), Juan Samuel; 1 time (1987), Jimmy Rollins; 1 time (2007), Pete Rose; 1 time (1981) Lenny Dykstra; 1 time (1993), Bobby Abreu; 1 time (2004), and Ryan Howard; 1 time (2006).

                The Sporting News NL Rookie of the Year for 2009:

  J.A. Happ

         The official award for NL Rookie of the Year that is voted on by the BBWAA, or Baseball Writers Association of America, is still due and hasn’t been officially announced. It is supposed to be announced on November 16, 2009. Here’s a schedule of other awards to be announced and when:


  • Nov. 16 - AL & NL Rookie of the Year

  • Nov. 17 - AL Cy Young award

  • Nov. 18 - AL & NL Manager of the Year

  • Nov. 19 - NL Cy Young award

  • Nov. 23 - AL MVP award

  • Nov. 24 - NL MVP award

  •                   We’ll see what other awards await the Phillies players and manager, Charlie Manuel. I think Charlie should win Manager of the Year for the NL. We’ll see what happens.

          You can participate in voting for your picks for awards in baseball also! Just go to the link below, it's called 'This Year In Baseball' and you have until December 11, 2009 to get your picks in for this past season.

                                                       This Year In Baseball Awards Voting 

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