Monday, November 02, 2009

Phillies out of gas lose 7-4, and could lose the Series tonight

           This looks bad for the Phillies now. They couldn't win Game 3 at home, and now they lose 2 in a row at home and just one more loss and they've lost the World Series. The Phillies have played like a tired team now, they are completely out of gas. The comments from Cole Hamels that he can't wait for the season to be over and start fresh seems to be what perhaps a few of the Phillies players feel like as they just don't seem like they're having fun out there on the field this year in the World Series. It's a great accomplishment that the Phils made it to the World Series but the perfomances so far from the team as a whole hasn't been what I thought we would see from them.

          Now there are only 3 possible games left in the Series, and the Yankees only need to win one of them. It's an enviable position that the Phillies wish they were in, but now it seems like this team will be like the 1950 Phillies and go down to defeat again vs the Yankees in this 2009 edition of the World Series. They say you really remember the team that won it all, and that's true. The baggage that went along with the team all last year will be gone, they will no longer be reffered to as the 'World Champions of baseball." The Phils look tired and weary. They tried a dramatic comeback last night, but it wasn't to be as the Yankees got to Brad Lidge and the game was lost. The way runners have stole on Lidge this year, is an absolute crime. It's almost automatic for the Phillies to not do anything about it, and this is bizarre. The pitching coach has done almost nothing about this but the responsibility falls on Manuel to figure out what to do about it. I've never seen a pitcher who has been run on like Lidge has this season. And nothing is done about it.

             This team could come back and win three straight, I wouldn't start Hamels again after his comments if I were Manuel. If fact, it's one of the strangest comments I've ever heard a player in the World Series make. If the Phillies win tonight and go back to New York, I wouldn't pitch him. You just don't say things like that, even if it's how you really feel. We'll see tonight what happens in what should have been the third win at home for the Phils, now they are fighting to stay alive in the Series.


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  1. It may look like a long shot but we have our ace tonight to hopefully push it to 6. I believe Pedro in game 6 has a good matchup...very consistent this postseason and the heart of a champion. If we can get it to seven anything is possible. Keep the faith... GO PHILS!

  2. Scott, they did it! There's a Game 6 to look forward to. Let's Go Phils, let's Go.