Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Game by game now, Phils win 8-6 in Game 5

Chase studying the pitcher while waiting on deck in Game 5

The Phils will have to take the rest of this World Series going game by game as they thrilled the sold out Citizens Bank Park with plenty of fire power last night winning by a score of 8-6. It would be the last home game of the year for the Phillies, and a real memorable one.

   Another dazzling performance by Cliff Lee, and the combination of Chase Utley is what did it for the Phillies. The crowd up at Citizen’s Bank Park was hyped for a win, they were loud, they were raucous, and they wanted a victory from the Phillies so they could stay alive in this series. I was sitting just across from the auxiliary press box in the left field corner and if this doesn’t prove to the press that the Phillies do have heart, nothing will with the grit that the team showed in Game 5.

   Right from the start the Phillies had a rally going when it was their turn at bat in the bottom of the 1st. The combination of a J Roll walk, and Victorino getting hit by a pitch was just the stage that Chase Utley needed to put one over the wall in right field and put a three spot up for the Phillies right out of the gate. The night looked like it was going to be a rout for the Phillies but somehow the Yankees crept back into this one, and almost threatened to tie it by the end of the game.

   As bad as the Phillies looked in the games at home 3 and 4, you didn’t know what to expect, but they are back and they can still win this series taking it game by game. The next one is in New York on Wednesday night. No announcement for the Yankees on their starting pitcher as of the time of this post, the Phillies will go with Pedro Martinez in Game 6.

      Chase Utley meanwhile has tied Reggie Jackson for World Series homeruns with 5 in a series. Phillies radio analyst, Larry Anderson, called Utley, “Mr Octember”. Referring to the World Series stretching into November now when it used to be over by October. Utley likes to remain the strong silent type and even Charlie Manuel doesn’t over do it when talking about him, “Sometimes I don’t even like to talk about him because he don’t want me to,” Manuel said. “Actually he don’t like for you to say a whole lot of things about him. … I don’t want to embarrass him or nothing like that.”

      Let’s hope this offense has just started rolling into Game 6, we’ll see if the Phils can take another one and then play another game. Game by game, that’s how they have to do it now.

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