Monday, November 23, 2009

2009 MLB Awards wrapup

   The votes are in the winners have been announced and here they are once again in case you haven’t seen them yet:

Cy Young Award:

Tim Lincecum, NL, SF Giants
15-7 - 2.48 ERA
Zack Greinke, AL, KC Royals
16-8 – 2.16 ERA

Rookie of the Year Award:

Chris Coghlan, NL, Fla. Marlins
.321 BA
Andrew Bailey, AL, Oakland A’s
1.84 ERA, 26 Saves

MVP Award:

Albert Puljols, NL, St. Louis Cards
3rd career MVP award
Joe Mauer, AL, Minn. Twins
First MVP

Manager of the Year Award:

Jim Tracy, NL, Colorado
Took over 1/2 season for Rocks
Mike Scioscia, Calif. Angels
Angels manager for years

            Charlie Manuel finished a distant 6th in voting in the Manager of the Year award, had the Phillies won the World Series this year, they may have been swayed to vote him higher if not vote him outright manager of the year.

            The other awards were somewhat predictable, Tim Lincecum wasn’t the favorite to win the Cy Young, and just days before winning it, he gets pulled over with marijuana in his car. I guess there goes all the promotional deals for him, when will these athletes learn that drugs aren’t good for you, especially when you get pulled over and caught with them in a very public way. Lincecum gets two demerits for that, and he really dents his reputation with the younger kids that follow baseball and looked up to him.

           The season’s best have been announced with these awards but you can still take part in the fan’s picks for your favorites here! This Year in Baseball Award are voted on by the fans, the other one’s we have no say in, so here is your chance to make your vote count!

           Counting down to Thanksgiving, only a couple more days till Turkey Day, Happy Thanksgiving to all of the readers of this blog, and folks who listen to the podcast associated with this site, called “Phillies Talk”

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