Wednesday, October 07, 2009

A win and wind at Game 1 vs The Rockies


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There’s nothing like October Playoff baseball, and there is plenty to love about a Phillies win today against the Colorado Rockies. It was everything the Phillies needed this afternoon, great pitching, nice hitting, and scoring base runners. The conditions at the ballpark were at bit extreme with the wind whipping along at 25-35 mph most of the afternoon. The high 60 degree temperatures made it almost tolerable though and except for the occasional fly ball that took a different path once hit up into the atmosphere, the weather really didn’t play a factor in this ball game.


    The was the carnival style atmosphere before the game that starts around 11:30 am with ‘Mr. GreenGenes’ band, and a few radio stations giving away some items along with Turkey Hill who gives out complimentary ice cream and coupons. This year was missing the broadcast crew of the Phillies and some other Phillies former players that took to the stage last year and had a great time with the crowd, but this year there was none of that.  They each had a chance to say a few words last year on the music stage and of course Harry Kalas was there and sang his signature tune “High Hopes” last year. It would have been nice to have the former Phils come out to the stage and say a few words. Last year, the ballgirls even got into the act by throwing out to the crowd some Phillies wristbands, and rally towels but again there was none of that this year. I don’t understand this, the more people the Phillies are drawing, the less they start to do with promotions? This isn’t the way it should work.


     The play on the field today was riveting. I took some pictures of the crowd during the game and all eyes were glued on the field as if you couldn’t look anywhere else, and of course everyone was in their seat for the most part of the game today. The playoff fans at Philly rival a lot of fan bases now, the fans here in Philadelphia were knowledgeable of the game and simply watching every pitch at the park today unlike I’ve seen in previous playoff games at CBP. Of course there was a new record in attendance today as well with 46,452. The Phillies won 5-1, Cliff Lee went the distance in the win, and winning was great this afternoon.


      I am too tired after the late morning and all afternoon at the ballpark to quote any stats, I can just say this was a great game by the Phillies. It was great to be able to see Game 1 in person and I hope the team does the same in the game tomorrow at 2:37 pm at Citizen’s Bank Park … Go Phil’s the word ‘dynasty’ is starting to build around this team.  The pictures above are some of the scenes of what happened today at CBP.

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