Saturday, October 17, 2009

TBS TV coverage in NLCS raises ire with Phillies fans

  The NLCS is supposed to be fair coverage of a sporting event by TBS. Yet, it seems like every time something has happened for Dodgers in the series so far, the TBS broadcast crew has gone crazy in enthusiasm for the Dodger blue. Many fans have now made the choice to mute the volume of the broadcast now and are searching for ways to get the Phillies radio feed to coincide with the TV broadcast. 

       This wasn’t the case in the Divsion Series that the Phillies were in, I thought that this was one of the best announced series that I’ve ever heard a broadcast crew do in the Phils vs Rockies series. They were very impartial for the most part and didn’t favor one team or the other for the most part. The crew there did a great job. Let’s look at both crews and see who they are.

  The phillies / rockies division series announcers for tbs:

Brian Anderson
Play by play
Joe Simpson
David Aldridge
Field reporter

        Brian Anderson and Joe Simpson were great, they were for the most part just announcing the game. Not reading into things and interjecting their personal feelings about the game. Brian Anderson is the Milwaukee Brewers play by play announcer in the regular season. He was named that in Jan. of 2007. Joe Simpson is in his 15th year as the Atlanta Braves announcer working for TBS. The duo made this Divsion Series fun to listen to for me.

  The Phillies / dodgers LCS announcers for tbs:

Chip Caray
Play by play
Ron Darling
Buck Martinez
Craig Sagar
Field reporter

     Chip Caray might as well send the LA Dodgers his resume as he sounds like he is an announcer for them most of the time. Caray of course is an Atlanta Braves broadcaster and his grandfather was the famous Chicago Cubs announcer named Harry Caray. The other two guys on the broadcast are meddling in the middle of all of Caray’s antics and it makes this broadcast sound more like a science experiment than a baseball game. There is too much speculation and comments from the balcony in Martinez, though Darling does sound like he’s trying to maintain a professional atmosphere. All in all this is not a good broadcast team at all, even the Yankee fans were glad to see tham move on from the coverage they did of the ALDS. 


  1. These guys are clearly rooting for the Dodgers. But while Caray is an announcer for the Braves, Ron Darling is a Mets announcer. They should be more professional while broadcasting for a neutral network, but it's no surprise that an Atlanta and a New York announcer are not rooting for the Phils.

    I tried to listen with the radio, I wish they could do something to sync the television broadcast with the radio. I started listening to Dave Matthews during the broadcasts with the tv muted. It's more pleasant :)

  2. I've got to disagree, as I thought the announcers were more slanted in the NLDS than the NLCS. Go to the MLB site, and play back the video, one after the other, of the big hit in the Rockie's 8th, and then Howard's double in the 9th. The difference in excitement is jarring. I didn't have anything jump out at me during the first two games of the NLCS, but now that you've pointed it out I'll be sure to listen.

  3. I listened to most of the NLDS, I had no problem with those announcers even when the Phillies were down and made their miraculous comeback in the last game, they didn't even count them out. These guys were very impartial and called a great game in my opinion.

    So far it's only been one game in the NLCS and I just don't care for the way these guys do the game. Even the NY Daily News had an article on Caray saying he was terrible in that series and I have to agree that I don't care for him at all.

    I'll go back and listen to the games though, but it really makes an impression on me right away usually, it's kind of like screetching on a blackboard, you know it's bad from the time you hear it.

  4. Funny the Phillies fans feel this way. As a Dodger fan, I feel the slant is totally against the Dodgers and is pro-Phillies. I think the TBS coverage is abominibal and am choosing to go with Vin Scully's radio coverage from here on out while watching the game muted.

    Of course being in southern California we are used to an East coast slant in nearly all national coverage that there is. The East coast guys just don't stay up late enough to get to know the players on the west coast. It's not their fault. Who wants to stay up until 1:00 a.m.? But it's obvious during the broadcasts that they're not up on the west coast players, and it shows.

    Whether you're a Phillies or Dodgers fan we can agree on one thing. The TBS coverage stinks.

  5. Anon,

    You make a good point, when things are going good for your team it all seems like roses, but when things don't we get upset at coverage of a team sometimes.

    I observed this last year in the playoffs as well. A lot of Phillies fans couldn't stand Fox's coverage of the games with the Phils, but others aren't that bothered.

    As fans were being swayed by the national media's (TBS, Fox) opinion and we we want to get back to familiar ground with our own announcers, I just pesonally thought TBS did a better job with their NLDS crew than this NLCS crew.

  6. Did anyone else hear the comment after the game made by TBS annoucers? After the Phils won, TBS was running commercials and returned for a short connect back to the audience (there's likely a name for this in TV). What they showed were Philly fans leaving the Bank cheering and celebrating (Phillies Are Number One!...,)
    One of the TBS guys says, ....."you won already, put a sock in it".... the 3 guys laughed and TBS went back to a commercial.

  7. Erin,

    Did you lose something at he Phillies game on Sunday night.

    I found it. Please blog back so I can get it to you.

    A friend