Saturday, October 24, 2009

Remembering last year’s big World Series win



       Last year in March of ‘08, my wife and I picked out our vacation that was for October of ‘08 – we selected Tampa back then and it was a fateful decision for us. We were already down there for Game 7 of the ALCS, when Boston made a valiant but ending up short effort to win it all vs. The Tampa Rays in St. Pete’s. We were down there at the stadium the afternoon that the Phillies arrived at the stadium in St. Petersburg and I can say I probably was the first one to wear the red Phillies jersey down there in person! It was a bold move going into enemy territory but I did it none the less. You can see my photo of this on my twitter profile on the online service called ‘Twitter’ that is the jersey I was wearing before the Phils got to the stadium. I even had the gall to ask for tickets at the ticket window, and there were none to be had of course but I was there and loving it. We stopped at some places around Tampa where WIP 610 Philadelphia was broadcasting from, and got into the hoopla of the World Series big time. We even were at the Phillies Spring Training stadium in Clearwater the morning all the of Phillies World Series memorabilia went on sale. Ah the memories, and coming home we landed when the rain was blowing and the series had just shifted north to Philly to complete our World Series Trip, it was a trip I don’t think I’ll ever forget.



IMG_6189  IMG_6391

              The Series being in the Phillies Spring Training area last year was

            awesome, and so was the weather, here’s a pic of what they posted

            on a light pole at the Brighthouse Field in Clearwater and of course the beach!


 IMG_6321 IMG_6311

  The news vans were just arriving around Tropicana Field for the ‘08 World Series


IMG_6506 IMG_6502

       World Series Fever gripped the area in Tampa, and St. Pete’s for most



              The St Petersburg Times on the opening day of WS 2008- Game Time!

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