Saturday, October 17, 2009

Prices to Phillies home games in NLCS are down on Stub Hub today

The Phillies are supposed to play Game 3 on Sunday night at Citizen’s Bank Park in South Philadelphia. As of Saturday night, there is a Northeaster settled in around the area bringing rain and wind all day and it’s supposed to last through Sunday.

    Checking in on tonight to see how the ticket prices are provided some surprise. Earlier in the week the tickets were much higher priced. As of Saturday night at 9 PM there are 3041 tickets for sale on the site for the Phillies home game #1. Tickets that were much higher priced a few days ago have plummeted down to earth. Some prices sampled was $125 each for the ‘Scoreboard Porch’ which is just under the huge scoreboard in left field. Areas in the outfield and the arcades were about the same at $125 each as the prices are dropping due to weather and plenty of supply.

     Tickets for Game 4 (which will be the Phillies home game #2) in Philly are even less coming in around $110-115 a seat for outfield areas and upper decks. As of Saturday night, there are 4118 tickets at StubHub for the Phil's second NLCS home game at the time of this post. Just days ago they were selling standing room for more than that. Days ago, the average starting price for tickets anywhere was $150 and up.

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