Saturday, October 10, 2009

Phils deal Happ in and discard Martinez in high stakes pitching rotation

Happ is autographing a card from earlier this year in this photo

   JA Happ will start on Sunday night instead of Pedro Martinez with Saturday night’s game getting shelved due to cold and snow in Denver. The move is expected as the extra day’s rest for Happ enabled him to start with Saturday’s game being moved to Monday now.

       It must be a big disappointment for Pedro as he appeared to relish the chance to pitch in this series against the Rockies.

         If there is a need for a Game 5, it will still be in Philadelphia on Tuesday but as of now, there is no time announced. It must be nice not to put a time on a game for TBS, but for the average working joe, which make up most of the baseball fans who are buying tickets, this doesn’t make good for them as they don’t know if they even can make the game or not. The MLB should be more demanding of an advance schedule and not allow networks to call the shots without the proper notice to fans as to what time a game is going to be played. It just isn’t fair.

         (6:10 pm addition:   Just noted that the start time of 6:07 pm has been posted for a Game 5 on Tuesday if needed, this is still not a great time for the game for Phillies fans but at least it's posted)

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